babies and adults are not equally cute

Universal truths… The sky is blue. The grass is green (unless you live in Phoenix, where it’s usually brown). Money doesn’t grow on trees. Practice makes perfect. And things that make babies cute, make adults… not so cute.

Chubby cheeks. Chubby thighs. Missing teeth. Wearing footy pjs. Blowing spit bubbles. Being milk-drunk. Wearing a diaper. Sucking on your toes. Having an extremely huge head. Falling over… …because somebody popping out from behind the couch saying peek-a-boo is hysterical, and you laughed too hard, and you have a huge head.

Clapping with your feet.

Drooling profusely.

Making this face…

Or this one…

Or… this one.

Now picture an adult doing any of these things? Yeah, no thanks.

Shout out to Uncle Panda for the inspiration for today’s randomness!


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