On a mission to save chubby cheeks...

Guys, it's been almost two years.

Almost TWO years since I started Too Rah Loo... almost two years since Sam was this little... and CHUBBY!

And we've come a heck of a long way considering that the company was founded semi-accidentally on some old recycled t-shirt bandana bibs... not kidding. 

Sam was insanely drooly and the poor baby kept getting a rash on those amazingly chubby cheeks and neck of his. 

I went looking for bandana bibs and could only find rough cotton ones, so I just borrowed my mom's sewing machine and made some out of old T-Shirts. 

Then friends wanted some. So I got some fabric, and made a few sets, applying snaps with a little hand clamp. 

I quickly found that the bandana style worked way better than any others to keep the drool away from sensitive baby skin. The snaps didn't wear out in the wash or snag little hairs like velcro did... not to mention that they look darn cute.

One day hubs says, "You should start an Instagram or something... you never know, somebody might buy them." 

Which sent me reeling into the most amazing handmade/mama-made community imaginable! 

Today, in addition to Snap Scarves, hair accessories, pants/shorts & screen print Ts, we still carry super comfy and drool absorbing knit Bandana Bibs, though they're now more durably made with a serger, tabletop snap press, and finished off with our handmade logo tags.

And I seriously feel all sorts of sentimental now that I'm using them on a daily basis for my second drooly babe. 

Headband - Hello Cedar Co.
Bunny Stylish Milk Magazine
Shirt - Dream Big Little Co.
Tutu - Tin & Ella
Bracelet - Little Saylor Shoppe

Katie Feavel
Katie Feavel


Katie Feavel is the coffee-fueled Director of Household Operations and Child Care Coordinator at House Feavel. She likes to collect hobbies and spends her free time reading, singing, sewing, knitting, failing at Pinterest-inspired crafts, burning gluten-free food, killing house plants and having dance parties with her toddlers. A native Arizonan, Katie now resides in the Chicago area with her husband and three young children, where she relishes in the change of seasons and absence of scorpions and lethal plants. When Leaves Listen is Katie Feavel's first novel and the first in The Nature of Noise Series.

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May 20, 2016

I love our bibdana collection from Toorahloo!! Jace literally wears his every day. And now Sky is cutting his teeth so he’ll be next in line… Save the chubby cheeks!! ❤️

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