A while back I saw a cute little poster that said, "If a child is unhappy, put them in water," with a picture of a happy tot splashing away. I don't know that this is necessarily fool-proof, but it worked for us today. Sam totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed... well technically he woke up in the middle of the bed with his feet in my face, but you know what I mean. Grumpy during breakfast. Even more grumpy when Daddy left for work. Then this happened...

bathtimeBathtimeWhich quickly progressed to this...

DSC_0137DSC_0154He even figured out how to put the rings onto the Nuby Octopus!

BathtimeWhich made him SOOOO proud!


This random middle of the day bath time was the ultimate reset button. Water (and purple octopus) for the WIN!

Katie Feavel
Katie Feavel


Katie Feavel is the coffee-fueled Director of Household Operations and Child Care Coordinator at House Feavel. She likes to collect hobbies and spends her free time reading, singing, sewing, knitting, failing at Pinterest-inspired crafts, burning gluten-free food, killing house plants and having dance parties with her toddlers. A native Arizonan, Katie now resides in the Chicago area with her husband and three young children, where she relishes in the change of seasons and absence of scorpions and lethal plants. When Leaves Listen is Katie Feavel's first novel and the first in The Nature of Noise Series.

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