MY BABY IS ONE!! June 19, 2014 01:06

I'm this manyYou're THAT many?This many  Are you sure about that? It cannot have already been a year since I first held this amazing human being in my arms. 

Newborn Sam  

My son. The most incredible thing I've ever been blessed to be a part of. You... after over 3 days of labor... flipping yourself over to put mommy into back labor... and wedging yourself into my hip... finally made up your mind to join us and only made mama push for 10 minutes before you crashed into our lives in the most awesome way. 

Newborn Sam 

That was a pretty good picture of your personality... you take your time with things at first. You're observant. You like to know what you're getting yourself into. But once you've made up you're mind, it's full speed ahead and you go barreling on through.

ONE looks good on you kid. You're kind of a little guy. You weigh about 21lbs. and wear 9-12m clothes. You definitely take more after your mama so far when it comes to size... but you have a HUGE head... and a lot of hair!

You've got 4 teeth that you do some serious work with. You love chicken, turkey, beef, eggs, pork, broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, avocado, berries, apples... really there's nothing you've rejected when it comes to food.

But "Nah-nah" (nursing) is still your go-to source of nutrition and comfort. You say "Mama," "Dada," "Nah-Nah," and "Ta" which seems to mean that. You were callings the dogs "Pops" for a while, but now you just kinda yell at them.

You shake your head Yes and No. You understand A LOT of what we say to you, though you're already quite skilled in selective hearing.

You took your first steps last week... in the gym of course! You're pretty darn impressive buddy. You love to snuggle... and read "Goodnight Moon" over... and over... and over.

You love music... really sound in general. It's how you explore your world. You spend hours a day just seeing what types of sounds you can create, whether with your own voice, hitting two objects together, scratching a different surface, or drumming on boxes and tables.

Everything is a drum to you... And you already have way more rhythm than your Daddy! The depth to which you are moved by music is pretty incredible. You love anything Mumford and Sons, Three Little Birds (Bob Marley), a couple random Billy Joel songs and the Frozen soundtrack... Especially the opening song, which has a really strong beat to it.

The type of music I play for you can alter your whole mood. You are insanely expressive. You feel and portray emotion with your entire body. You are about 95% pure joy, 4% sass and the other 1% accounts for occasional grumpiness or sadness.

Really the only things that make you sad, though, are when you need "Nah-Nah" and Mama is taking too long... or if somebody startles you... or if you hear another baby cry. You are one empathetic little dude.

And holy cow, SO charismatic! My goodness I have never known a human being who could attract so much social interaction... Let alone a baby! Your love for life and other people is truly magnetic. Your favorite game is to find somebody who's frowning and do whatever is in your power to make the person smile. You especially love playing peekaboo with random strangers.

Oh... And you're totally a flirt... I'm in trouble. You like blondes... And you pretend to be shy (ha!) You smile and bat your ridiculously long eyelashes... and people melt.

You have this fabulous, unhindered sense for adventure. Your first beach experience showed us a lot of that. You would have thrown your whole body into the waves if I'd let you. At one point a wave splashed up over your head. I expected you to be upset about it... But you just squealed and laughed and wriggled your entire body with happiness.


Sam getting thrown in the air

You're pretty tough kiddo. You growl when you get shots... And if you fall and hurt yourself you usually get right back up and get after whatever it is that hurt you.

To say I am blessed to be your mommy is a gross understatement. There are no words to describe how incredibly happy you make me and your daddy... how truly you complete us.

Happy Birthday to me sweet, sweet boy... I can't wait to see where year #2 takes us!