Let me tell you about the first time my husband and I ever hung out...

We met in an accounting class in college. He was broke, I had the book, so we decided to study together. At one point during this “study” date, he thought it would be a good idea to come up behind me and tickle me.

Not his smartest move. I am extremely ticklish… and I panicked. My completely accidental, clumsy, knee jerk reaction? Elbow into his crotch and the back of my head into his face.

Result? Him getting racked and a bloody nose. We were officially dating by the end of that week and, six and half years later, I still find ways to accidentally cause him physical harm.

You’d think this would have been a red flag to me that this guy was a glutton for punishment, right? Perhaps not the best trait to pass on to future generations…

Then, this morning, I find myself half-stumbling, half-limping around our house because my legs are completely fried from yesterday’s Crossfit WOD. And, I smile, because it’s a “good pain.” That’s when it occurs to me, I’m the exact same way.

As this realization is sinking in, I look down at Sam who is standing, repeatedly hitting his head into a mirror, then proceeds to throw himself backwards onto the ground laughing, because, let’s face it – falling over is fun!

Here’s my face-palm moment of the day. Um, sorry kid, we didn’t exactly set you up for success in this area. I see a few ER visits in my future.