I’m not naturally a neat person. I’m not naturally an organized person. My mind is chaotic and if I’m not purposeful to prevent it, my surroundings become chaotic as well... fast.

I’ve recently made some big improvements in this area. The main part of our house is generally clean and organized. Dishes are usually done. Laundry gets backed up a little too often still, but is at least contained. Bathrooms get a good scrub every week…ish. But I definitely still have my days.

Days where the last thing I want to do is address the dishes that have still somehow managed to pile up in the sink. Days where I struggle to get far enough outside of the jumble of thoughts and ideas in my head to manage the tasks in progress around me.

Days where, let’s be honest, I just… don’t feel like cleaning.

About a year ago I heard something so simple, yet so profound... It stuck with me and I find myself repeating it at least once a day. Sometimes 50 times a day.

I am lucky I get to do dishes. I am blessedI am blessed in every single seemingly monotonous task.

I am blessed with the opportunity to care for my family and our home. I am blessed to have hot running water and a dishwasher to help do those dishes in the sink. I am blessed to have as much food as we could want and need to make those dishes dirty in the first place.

I am blessed to have clean clothes to fold and put away and a washer and dryer to get them clean.

Now here comes the second part of this concept. Wait for it… With every blessing comes an obligation. Not an obligation in the resentful, begrudged, bitter sense. An obligation in the privileged sense. A duty to care for the things I’ve been given.

Cue major perspective shift. Suddenly, the most routine of days holds endless opportunity for growth and fulfillment. So that every seemingly mundane household chore becomes an opening… to express gratitude, to be prayerful or meditative, to exhibit love for my family by improving their environment. To find beauty, yes beauty, in doing dishes and folding laundry.

And there’s the secret I guess, when you feel blessed to be doing something, it’s a lot easier to just get up and go do it!