Maggie's Space

So excited to finally get around to sharing Maggie's space with you all! 

We plan on co-sleeping/bed-sharing with Maggie, as we have with Sam for the better part of his life, so her "nursery" space is actually an area in our room.

Poor Sam... first kid... we barely had a changing station and a Rock N Play ready for him when we brought him home! Maggie's space is quite a bit better planned out haha!

As with Sam, I made all of Maggie's bedding, burp cloths, blankets, cloth diaper hamper, and we'll be using cloth diapers from gDiapers and our Grovia cloth wipes again!

But I also really wanted to make sure we included a number of our favorite handmade shops! 

The dresser and shelf are the same that Daddy refinished for Sam, and the end table was a favorite yard sale find. 

A few random decor items, a repurposed frame with ribbon hot glued to the back & some basic IKEA wall shelves finished off our nursing corner.  

And now for the "Small Shop Shelf"...

Moccasins from: Hello Moccs, Stitches & Soles, KCMoccs, Sweet N' Swag, PB&J ThreadsSail East Co and Wild Folk

Headbands, Bows & Floral Crown from: Zozu Baby, NoxxAZ, MaizySue, Hello Cedar Co, Stella Lane, and we also have some fantastic accessories (not pictured) from Mimi Makes & BriaBay.

Bracelets & Necklace from Little Saylor Shoppe

And of course we needed a good way to hang our Tin & Ella Tutus, Too Rah Loo Snap Scarves, and my favorite Mustard Bow Turban from NoxxAZ!

Top it off with some custom hand-painted bodysuits from our most favorite Mama-Shop Honey Bee True Co and I'd say Maggie is all set!

Katie Feavel
Katie Feavel


Katie Feavel is the coffee-fueled Director of Household Operations and Child Care Coordinator at House Feavel. She likes to collect hobbies and spends her free time reading, singing, sewing, knitting, failing at Pinterest-inspired crafts, burning gluten-free food, killing house plants and having dance parties with her toddlers. A native Arizonan, Katie now resides in the Chicago area with her husband and three young children, where she relishes in the change of seasons and absence of scorpions and lethal plants. When Leaves Listen is Katie Feavel's first novel and the first in The Nature of Noise Series.

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