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We're smack in the middle of some yucky teething stuff today... It's making Sam feel pretty rotten... He's making this face a lot...Samuel teethingAnd chewing his poor fingers to death.Teething stinks… it just does. But these babies are such troopers about it! If I had to cut teeth I’d be bed-ridden and complaining constantly.
There seems to be a pretty wide range of how badly teething affects babies. I’d put Sam in the middle of this spectrum. He has some fussy days and nights, with a few hours here and there where you can tell he’s just downright hurting… but mostly he just keeps cruising right on through.
Early on, when I was concerned over Sam's first bout of teething and trying to find ways to comfort him, I had a mom acquaintance tell me, "they're going to be miserable no matter what you do, so why stress yourself out?"
Um, yeah, not cool... I had the urge to ask her how she'd feel if somebody took that approach with her the next time she was sick or hurting. It's true that teething is going to suck no matter what, but there are things you can do to make it suck a little less... and I'm pretty sure that's part of the mommy job description... there's another one for the resume...
Vanquisher of Yucky-ness
Our big go-to for teething is extra nursing and snuggle time... And Mickey... Lots of Mickey.Sam teethingBut sometimes that doesn't cut it... and for other mamas, some babies aren't nursing, or even if they typically do, will nurse less when teething. We've found a few really helpful non-nursing goodies for teething, so I figured I'd share them with you all! 
1. Our Baltic Amber teething necklace from Hazelaid Raw amber, when warmed by the skin, has pain-killing and anti-inflammatory properties that can help lessen some of the symptoms of teething (read more here). We got one for Sam when he was about 4-months-old and saw significant improvement in drooling and fussiness. We’ve even had times where we forget to put it on him after a bath and, after hours of wondering why he’s so fussy, realize what’s missing. 
2. Bandana Bibs When I originally started making these, it was not to sell them. I made a few for Sam and realized that they were way more useful for catching and absorbing all that drool than any of the traditional bibs I had. The ridges and bandana style do a great job keeping the drool away from baby’s skin, reducing those awful drool rashes babies can get on their necks and chests. 
3. Frozen teething rings are hit or miss with Sam, but good to have around. 
4. Extra bath time. I find that it is not only a good distraction from teething discomfort, but also helps the yucky cold/clammy thing Sam gets when he's teething badly. 
5. Frozen food pops & smoothies!  
 2014-04-25 15.12.40 2014-04-25 15.16.40 
This is a big one for us... I blend up whatever we have available for a smoothy -- last time it was avocado, almond milk, raspberries, spinach, banana and coconut milk yogurt -- pour some into our Munchkin Fresh Food Freezer Pop molds and the rest into Sam's straw cup. He enjoyed the smoothie then..
.2014-04-25 15.35.45 2014-04-25 15.33.56 
and now a month later I was able to pull a popsicle out of the freezer for him!Samuel TeethingSamuel TeethingToday he also did cold scrambled eggs (he likes them cold, it's strange) and strawberries... those seemed to feel good on his gums too. 
6. Little Remedies Infant Fever/Pain Reliever This is kind of our last resort, but especially when teething pain and discomfort disrupt sleep, we’re glad to have it as a useful tool! The Little Remedies brand isn't perfect, but it IS dye-free and gluten-free, no artificial colors or flavors, so we prefer it to the brand name Tylenol for infant acetaminophen.
I did have a fellow mama/nurse friend recommend infant ibuprofen for teething, instead of acetaminophen, since the source of the pain is often inflammation. I'll be giving that a try this time around and will let you all know how it works for us!  
Would love to hear from other mamas in the comments about what has worked for you for teething!!