Katie Feavel

Thinking all the thinks

February 04, 2019

My girl is three today. I am, admittedly, a bit of a disaster. Teetering on a tightrope between relief as she becomes older and more self-sufficient, and a deep sense of fear for what this next stage of life will throw at her. I felt guilty writing this. Like it was inappropriate, somehow, to not focus only on the positive milestones reached. But I'm just not in that headspace today. THREE is a big number in the autism world. It's the closing of the most influential early intervention window. It's when the conversation shifts from hopeful suppositions of "catching up" to a discussion of how to support a child with a disability long term. I don't know who will read...

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do good work and be nice to people

October 30, 2017

Each morning before my husband leaves for work, he asks our son the same question… "What are we going to do today?" "Good work and be nice to people!" Sam repeats with pride. Occasionally, "and listen to mama" gets added on for good measure.  Do good work and be nice to people. It’s simple, straightforward, yet a message need not be complex to be profound, right? Last week, I traveled with Maggie for some movement therapy that we can’t get locally and that she has made great improvements with. It’s worth it, every added stress or inconvenience, and we’re infinitely blessed with the opportunity and help we receive to make it happen. Last week, I watched my girl workto make strides...

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