Katie Feavel

On a mission to save chubby cheeks...

May 20, 2016

Guys, it's been almost two years. Almost TWO years since I started Too Rah Loo... almost two years since Sam was this little... and CHUBBY! And we've come a heck of a long way considering that the company was founded semi-accidentally on some old recycled t-shirt bandana bibs... not kidding.  Sam was insanely drooly and the poor baby kept getting a rash on those amazingly chubby cheeks and neck of his.  I went looking for bandana bibs and could only find rough cotton ones, so I just borrowed my mom's sewing machine and made some out of old T-Shirts.  Then friends wanted some. So I got some fabric, and made a few sets, applying snaps with a little hand clamp.  I...

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10 Kids Ts That Will Take You Back

May 05, 2016

RUN MOM & RUN DAD Ts from Too Rah Loo   Need some awesome throwback inspired Ts & tanks for your kiddo this Summer? These Small Shop designs have you covered! 1. 2 Legit Tank - Too Rah Loo   2. Chillin Out Maxin Relaxin All Cool - Charlie & Chomper  Who else can sing this whole song word-for-word, show of hands?! 3. BIGGIE - Honey Bee True Co Does it get any better than a hand painted Biggie T?! No... no it does not.    4. I'm Not a Player I Just Crush A Lot - Too Rah Loo     5. Biggie Tee - LouSimon Designs And because you can never have enough Biggie in your life... 6. How Rude - Beck & Co...

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