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Hi, I'm Katie -- author, serial hobby collector, coffee-fueled Director of The Chaos Brigade, AKA "Mom".

I spend whatever "free" time exists between four kids writing, reading, diffusing oils, lifting things, building my indoor garden, battling laundry mountain, cooking gluten-free, dairy-free meals, singing, sewing, crocheting, failing at Pinterest-inspired crafts and having dance parties with my toddlers.

We're a neurologically diverse household and forever working to figure out what that means for us and our kiddos. But I do a lot with diet and nutrition to accommodate mental health/clarity, MTHFR mutation, Celiac Disease and just general wellness. 

I can't seem to commit to any one point of interest, so you'll find a mix here, from Writing and Book Reviews, to The Chaos Brigade Blog, to Wellness shares.