Photo Credit: Omi & Hays Photography

Katie Feavel is the coffee-fueled Director of Household Operations and Child Care Coordinator at House Feavel.

She likes to collect hobbies and spends her free time reading, singing, sewing, knitting, failing at Pinterest-inspired crafts, burning gluten-free food, killing house plants and having dance parties with her toddlers.

An Arizona native, she spent the last two years in the Chicago area to accommodate her special needs daughter, but recently relocated back to Gilbert, AZ.

Katie has a masters degree in Criminology. She uses her academic background to create ethically complex characters that push all boundaries moral and social.

'I think the true beauty of fantasy is its ability to accentuate the more salient social dynamics of the "real world" in a way that seeds larger social change. My own journey with bipolar disorder and my neurologically diverse children have further inspired me to present characters who do not fit the conventional mold, but in a way that normalizes the spectrum of environmental and cognitive experiences.'