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instantly captivating

“The immersive world in Benyu Born of Ash is instantly captivating. I felt a profound connection with Roan from the very beginning!” —Brendon Trayner, bestselling author of Fire Interview: the Storyteller Method

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rich and mesmerizing

"Benyu Born of Ash is simply magnificent. Feavel's magical world is rich and mesmerizing. She's created an exciting and intriguing mythos with a character that demonstrates a relatable strength and vulnerability that readers cannot turn away from."  ~Dennis K. Crosby, Bestselling Author of DEATH'S LEGACY

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adventure, romance, and intricate fantasy

"A stunning debut with an enticing blend of adventure, romance, and intricate fantasy, Benyu Born of Ash kept me up way past my bedtime turning pages. Feavel’s rich imagery and world-building will definitely have me returning for more of her books!" — T.D. Fox, bestselling author of The Walls of Orion

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